Isn’t It Funny…

Posted: June 2, 2007 in Children, Discrimination, Homelessness, Misconceptions, Police Harrassment, Religion, Veterans

Isn’t it funny…

…how so many cars can go about with their windows down and their stereos blasting at full volume and no one seems to mind but if two or three homeless people happen to stand around near one of downtown’s businesses everyone thinks they’re being a nuisance?

…or how many people will spend between $3 and $6 for a cup of designer coffee several times a week but there are very few of them who would give a homeless person a $1 bottle of water on even the hottest day of the year?   

…or how many people think that all homeless people are drunkards but ignore the fact that most of the drunk drivers who fatally injure other people have homes?

…or how many people complain about the homeless "sponging" off of the local community but forget that the large majority of people who are receiving one type of government welfare assistance have a place to live?

…or how many people are all up in arms wanting to protect the rights of convicted death row inmates but don’t think that homeless people should be afforded the same rights?

…or how many people think that homeless people are drug addicts but seem not to recall that all of the drug busts take place in a non-homeless persons home?

…or how many people think that homeless people are mostly of the criminal mind but fail to see that it has been people who have a place to live that have committed history’s most infamous crimes?

…or how local governments seem to get larger increases of federal funding each year but what those same governments allocate to help the homeless doesn’t seem to increase in proportion?

…or how many cities across the nation seem to have some plan to restore, redevelop and revitalize their cities but don’t have a plan to restore the homeless – only displace them further?

…or how so many people are all for supporting our troops but once one of those troops gets their discharge – and should they become homeless – they get treated like disposable persons?

…or how everybody cries out that no child should be left behind but that doesn’t seem to apply to a child who is homeless?

…or how many Americans can spend about $29 billion each year on lawn care and some $38.5 billion on their pets but still can’t find it in their hearts to give a dollar to a homeless person who is panhandling?

…or how the majority of Americans are religious in nature and extol the virtues of love, compassion and charity but when it comes to the homeless, how very few of them actually walk the walk and not just talk the talk?

…or how many keep saying that something must be done to alleviate and fix the homeless situation in our communities but no one wants to be the one who has to do something?

…or how "professionals" will spend dollar after dollar conducting this study or that survey to determine how to end homelessness but no one bothers to ask the homeless what kind of help they need?

…how according to a May 24, 2007 report by Amy Andrews of KSBY Action News, there are 445 sex offenders in San Luis Obispo County but only 284 are "registered," and yet it’s the homeless that everyone seems anxious to be rid of?

…or how politicians, in all levels of government, are smart enough to raise enormous sums of money to finance their election campaigns but don’t seem to know how to raise similar amounts of money to help the homeless within their own communities?

…how so many cities throughout the nation want to be known as the "All American City" where everyone is welcome but would prefer if the homeless went elsewhere?

You know, now that I think about it – it’s not funny at all. It’s downright depressing…

…and sad.


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