Early Morning’s. Eeesh!

Posted: June 27, 2007 in Health, Homelessness

Usually I’m pretty good about waking up when my alarm goes off. When it does – usually around 4:00 AM, I wake up; crawl out from beneath the blankets; get dressed; walk about three blocks to the Chevron; grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate; tend to the call of Mother Nature then make the 8 or so block trek down to where I write that morning’s posting and deal with whatever e-mail I have for the day.  

The reason I have to do it that way is because where I go to write is a public place and I’m trying to not be in anyone’s way. Even where I sit, is in a place where no one has to go out of there way to avoid stepping on me or anything like that. And then of course, I try to get done with everything and be out of there by 7:00 or 7:30.

Sure, there are the early morning strollers and those folk who are walking their dogs, and they surely must know that I’m homeless. But, they’ve grown used to seeing me sitting there on my small piece of cardboard and typing furiously away. They know that I’m "harmless" and am not trying to trouble anyone.

Even the city workers who see me there regularly are aware that I’m not there drinking or doing anything untoward. One day last week one of them, who sees me sitting typing away most morning, jokingly asked if I was checking my stock portfolio.

Don’t I wish?

So that’s become my morning routine.

These past few weeks though, it’s been really hard for me to wake up. I caught this cold about three weeks ago and for some reason I can’t seem to get rid of it. In fact, it’s more like the cold caught me. Plus, I have allergies – so that doesn’t help the situation along.

Catching a cold is something everyone goes through. No one is immune. There are things a person can do to lessen the likelihood of getting one, but sooner or later the sniffles catch us. The only thing that you can do when that happens is live through it and let it run its course.

For me it’s slightly different. Being homeless I don’t get enough rest or proper nourishment to begin with, so this cold has taken a stronger hold that it might if I weren’t homeless. And now that I’ve been writing this blog regularly, I’ve had to extend my morning routine. Then I usually don’t get to sleep until late.

Since right now I don’t have a "real" place to live (although I’m working hard to change that) I have to make do with the resources I have available to me. And they’re not lavish – I can tell you that. And now, with summer having made its appearance and all of the flowers doing their thing, the combination of cold and allergies are leaving me sniffling and coughing, my eyes watering, my head aching, my body aching, and this over all lack of energy.

But because the need to survive outweighs everything else, somehow I manage to get through the day, only to do it all over the next morning.

Someone told me that I keep doing it because I’m a type "A" personality. I don’t know about that. At my age, I’m more of an A-minus or a B-plus type. Still, it beats just laying around doing nothing.

Although the way I’ve been feeling these past few weeks that sounds pretty good.


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