Loneliness is…

Posted: October 27, 2007 in Discrimination, Employment, Friendship, Homelessness, Self Esteem

No matter how strong a personality someone has or how self-sufficient a person is, there are times when there is just a need for companionship and needing to belong somewhere.

Most folks has a "regular" group of friends or associates who make up their little circle; a place where they can feel like they belong – or a least a place where they feel they fit in. And even for a person doesn’t do much socializing there is still a feeling that they "belong" within the community.  

Let’s face it, social interaction is a vital part of maintaining a healthy outlook.

Persons who are homeless also have a need to feel as though they belong somewhere. Because most of the main stream community tends to shun and ostracize those who are "residentially displaced," homeless people will, with very few exceptions, associate themselves with other persons who are homeless.

While many may not see this as being something out of the ordinary, or may feel that homeless people should associate with ONLY other homeless people, there are definitely hidden drawbacks to being cut off socially from the rest of the community.

So many people have the point of view that if the homeless would "just behave themselves and get jobs" that would resolve the homeless issue. That view point however, is naive.

Approximately, 1 in 5 homeless Americans have some form of employment, but still tend to get nowhere. There are many reasons for this, among them are the lack of affordable housing, employment that ISN’T gainful, but most significantly – is the seemingly unwillingness of the main stream community’s to re-accept the homeless back into the community. As a result, the homeless find that the only other people who are willing to accept them are other homeless.

By continuing to create social barriers between ourselves and the homeless, we limit and prevent them from having viable opportunities to raise their standard of living. We fail to recognize that we are viewing the homeless through the stigmas of homelessness, and that this causes us to further view the homeless with prejudice. This further pushes the homeless to the fringes of the social structure.

Then, because the homeless move further out toward the periphery of society, we shun them more – and in the end we have a vicious circle.

It’s one thing to be alone. That’s something that most experience more than once in their life.

It’s another thing to feel lonely…

Loneliness is every thing it’s crack up to be and more…


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