The Right Stuff

Posted: November 18, 2007 in Homelessness, Misconceptions, Morality, Stereotypes

There are people in the world who still do the right thing. Not necessarily for the recognition, but simply because it is the right the thing to do. And, these folks come from all walks of life; from every political outlook; from every ideology; from every social and economic group. And I, for one, love hearing about folks like that. Which is why I was happy to receive an e-mail with a news link about such a person.

The article was in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and was about a south Florida gentleman named Mark Spradley.  

Earlier this month Mr. Spradley encountered someone who asked him for a ride. As it turns out the man that Mr. Spradley offered the ride to was wanted in connection with the murder of Florida’s Broward County Deputy Paul Rein.

After going with the man to a "soup kitchen" for lunch, they drove around for about two hours and stopped at a pawn shop. When Mr. Spradley went into the pawn shop, he saw a news broadcasts regarding that showed the picture of the man who had given the ride to.

Keeping his head, Mr. Spradley explained that the man in his vehicle was the man who was wanted in connection with the killing of Deputy Rein and asked the pawn shop owner to call 911. Minutes later the police arrived and arrested the suspect.

At Deputy Rein’s funeral Mr. Spradley gave the slain deputy’s widow a single red rose.

The local newspapers, as well as the Broward County area residents are calling Mr. Spradley a hero.

About himself, Mr. Spradley is quoted as saying:

"I don’t know about being a hero, I just wanted to do the right thing."

Oh, by the way… did I mention that Mr. Spradley has been homeless and living in his car for about the last six months?

Here are a list of links to articles about Mr. Spradley. Please take the time to read them. Any man of character is worth reading about – homeless or not.


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