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On The Eve

Posted: December 31, 2007 in Family, Friendship, Homelessness, Hopes, Relationships

Santa brought us a few unexpected gifts this year.

Among them were the opportunity to spend Christmas with family – and a few friends.

He also brought me a cold. I don’t know why he brought me a cold. I didn’t specifically ask for one. Perhaps that’s all he had left in his sack of gifts. Who knows.   (more…)


Christmas is officially behind us and the New Year is less than a week away. I haven’t posted in a couple of days. It isn’t that I’ve forgotten about it. It isn’t that I’ve been too busy. Rather it’s been that I’ve been struggling with a number of thoughts and emotions that would have shown up in whatever I wrote – and I’m not ready to share those with anyone quite yet.   (more…)

I know that a lot of people will be busy doing their last minute shopping. The retail stores probably have extra employees on the floor to help the customers. It’s the day before Christmas!

Some of the things that many people do will be put on hold, just so that they can get through this day and be ready for tomorrow.

I have only a few thoughts today…   (more…)

This is the last weekend before Christmas. It’s the second to the last weekend before the New Year.

Yesterday I was at one of the shopping centers and there were folks by the boat load doing their last minute shopping. Imagine that the crowds are going to be worse today.

Despite the season, I’m just not feeling all that festive. So many things are happening all at once that I’m having a difficult time getting into the spirit of things. And although right now I consider myself "transitionally homeless" – meaning that I don’t have to try and get a bed at the homeless shelter and that I don’t have to sleep out of doors as an alternative – I am still "technically" homeless and that is something that has a way of overshadowing the season. At least for me it does.   (more…)

Yesterday morning after I published my post I discovered that I’d lost my cell phone. Then came the mad rush to try and figure out where I had seen it last, when was the last time I had used it and then doing all of the back tracking trying to find the thing.

To many a non-homeless person it might seem strange that someone who is homeless even has a cell phone. Some non-homeless people even think that for a homeless person to have a cell phone is frivolous because they feel that the homeless person should be spending money on something more important – like food or a place to live. But all that type of thinking is based on misconceptions of what homelessness is.   (more…)