Just Another Day

Posted: December 20, 2007 in Compassion, Homeless Shelters, Homelessness

Christmas Day is now only 5 days away.

This weekend will be the last "shopping weekend" before THE day. People are going to be scrambling around in a frenzy doing their last minute shopping. Everybody is getting themselves all "psyched" up for next Tuesday. Some folks will be traveling to other places for the holiday. Family and friends who haven’t seen each other for who knows how long will be getting together. Hey… it’s a special time of the year; a special day.  

That’s all fine and dandy, but there are a number of people I personally know for whom Christmas will be just another day of trying to survive. These persons just happen to be homeless.

For those who are lucky, they may even get a bed at the shelter on Christmas Eve so that they don’t have to wake up on Christmas morning under a bush, behind some building, in a doorway or anywhere else they may have found to sleep. That would be a good thing, because since the shelter is open all day on Christmas, they won’t have to have to wake up and leave the property just so they can find somewhere else to be.

Those who aren’t so lucky will probably just head over to the shelter when they do wake up. They’ll have to walk though because the buses aren’t running. Many of the other places that the homeless usually go to get out of the weather will also be closed. The shelter will be one of the only options available.

The shelter will probably have quite a number of volunteers again this year as they did last year and the year before.

These volunteers come out and spend a few hours or so at a time interacting with the "clients." They come from all walks of life: retirees, Cal Poly students, church groups and even just folks who "feel" like they should do something nice.

I’m not sure if any of the homeless currently have their shelter privileges suspended. That would mean that they are allowed on shelter property at all. Even if they are suspended I think it would be a nice gesture to give them some "clemency" for Christmas Day – you know, a of "good will toward all men" type kindness. They go could back to being suspended the day after Christmas.

There are going to be some homeless who are going to spend the day alone. Some of them may do so out of choice, but other will do so because there simply is no other option available to them. Those are the persons I feel for the most. It seems to me a crime that any person, homeless or non-homeless, should spend Christmas alone just because they have no one who will spend it with them.

Yes sir… the countdown is coming close to the wire.

For some it’s a time of excitement. For other’s it’s time of loneliness and dread. And for yet others, it will be just another day.


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