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Lately I’ve been discovering just how unfamiliar I am with so many things around me. This unfamiliarity is actually ignorance on my part. It isn’t that I’m unintelligent. I’m just… well; it’s just that I don’t know everything. I know what I know, but I’m sure that that isn’t all that much.

For example, in my post, The Freedom To Soar , a couple of days ago, I wrote about some small birds I had seen while sitting on the outside patio of an Internet cafe. I see this type of bird almost daily. They’re fairly common – extremely common, in fact. Yet, I never knew what type of bird they were. I was ignorant of what species they belonged to. It turns out that they were sparrows.   (more…)


About a week ago, I downloaded a report issued last November by mortgage giant Fannie Mae.

The report, Homelessness in America – Americans’ Perceptions, Attitudes and Knowledge , was put together by the well known polling company Gallup.

The 55 page report held some interesting statistics. Here are some highlights:   (more…)

I stopped into an Internet cafe for a cup of hot chocolate today.

Because the weather was pleasant I sat at one of the outdoor tables in the small patio area. There were also a few other people sitting out there as well enjoying their beverages. But there were a few other guests on the patio who weren’t "paying customers" – four small birds.   (more…)

Over the past few days I’ve noticed that many web sites having been using splashes of green on their pages. Except for the four leafed clovers, it could have been a prelude to St. Patrick’s Day. But, that isn’t why all of the green. The reason is that today is officially Earth Day.

In my opinion everyday should be Earth Day. We should be in a constant state of awareness of just how much we need to be environmentally kind.   (more…)

A couple of days I wrote a post called, In Theory…

One reader, Katia Roberts, left a comment, in which she said,

It’s going to take "regular folks" to hit the streets and start adopting one or more homeless people to mentor and/or assist.

She’s right. It is going to take us "regular folk" to make a difference.   (more…)