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An email that showed up in my Inbox this morning asked two questions: "Does a homeless person have a chance for employment?" and "Are the homeless discriminated against when they apply for a job?"

Talk about being asked tough questions. And to be quite honest, I’m not sure I know the answer. I don’t ever recall coming across any types of studies or statistics that would provide any clear insight about it. But, I’m willing to make what I hope will be an educated guess based on personal experience and from conversations that I’ve had with a number of homeless people.   (more…)


Years ago I heard a proverb, or a wise saying or whatever you want to call it, which – to paraphrase it – says:

"Even a foolish person can avoid being recognized as foolish if they just keep silent."

… which is just a poetic way of saying

"Before opening mouth, engage brain."

Today I was witness to a situation that validates both sayings.   (more…)

Most mornings, one of the first things I do is check the statistics for this site: how many people have logged onto the site; which posts were read the most within the previous 24 hours; and what search engine queries were used to find the site.

Over the last four or five days, I’ve noticed variations on the same theme: "what impact does homelessness have on society?"

It’s a valid question – one which I’ve thought about off and on throughout today.   (more…)

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a Ms. Robin Donovan, who is responsible for writing and maintaining the Center for Respite Care (CRC) blog. The reason for the email was to inquire if I might be interested in writing a "guest post" for their blog.

Although I’d read a few of the posts on the blog, I didn’t really know all that much about CRC, so I did what I normally do: I did an Internet search to see if they had a homepage (which they do) and also to see if there were any news articles about them.

The CRC’s Mission Statement was enough to convince me to write the guest post: Starve A Cold. Feed A Fever – which was about the difficulties that many homeless have at receiving adequate health care services, which in turn started me thinking about remedies. That in turn started me thinking about the types of "remedies" that many local governments use when trying to address homelessness in their communities.   (more…)

One of the emails I found waiting in my inbox this morning came right out and asked "…why should we help the homeless?"

It was quite a lengthy email which was really nothing more than a litany of complaints about the homeless. As far as this person was concerned the homeless should just "…take care of there own lives and not bohter the rest of us!" (the typos are his, not mine)   (more…)