Archive for June 1, 2008

A friend of mine had been on my mind quite often over the last week or two.

He had been homeless for awhile and had managed to begin transitioning back into the community. Right now he’s struggling to maintain. So many different things have been happening with such rapidity that he’s become a bit overwhelmed.

Because he knows what it’s like to have been homeless, he has been trying to reach out to the homeless in his area; trying to do what he can to help. With the support of other friends, he has been distributing "care packages" to those homeless who he chances to encounter during his days. Unfortunately he doesn’t feel as though anything he’s doing is making a bit of difference. And, in so many ways it seems to him that everything he’s done thus far has been futile.

All of that makes me wonder if that it perhaps why we, as a society, are a bit reluctant to try helping the homeless?   (more…)