Archive for June 5, 2008

I love open water: rivers, lakes and the ocean in particular has always held a fascination for me. That’s probably why this morning when I was checking my email, one item on the Yahoo! page caught my eye. It was a news article about a lighthouse.

The 30 foot tall lighthouse stands on Point Montara, in Montara, California and was first built in 1881. It is still used a navigational marker as well as a hostel.

What makes this lighthouse different from others is that Point Montara isn’t where it started out. Before it found its current location, it had been in the town of Yerba Buena, California – which was later renamed San Francisco.

But Yerba Buena wasn’t its first home either. This lighthouse had it’s beginnings in Wellfleet – which is a small coastal town in Massachusetts.   (more…)