I get the news in a variety of ways: through news alerts direct to my email inbox; via RSS feeds direct to my computer desktop; and, of course, the television which is always on while I work and usually tuned into one of news channels.

Sometimes it feels like I’m having a news overload, and I start getting a headache from the utter stupidity of it all.

For example –

For the 2008 Presidential Election, the candidates have collectively spent over three quarters of a billion dollars – or more accurately the American people have spent three quarters of a billion dollars. The candidates have, in effect, panhandled the money so that they can have the job of being President of the United States.  

In 2007, the U.S. Federal Government spent $21.7 billion dollars on foreign aid. Oops. I should say that the American taxpayer spent $21.7 billion dollars on foreign aid – that’s money that is to help build national infrastructures and combat poverty, except none of that money is doing the average American citizen any good because it’s being sent overseas somewhere.

Now, Senator Obama wants the U.S. to spend $50 billion dollars on foreign aid… darn it… I meant Obama wants to spend hard earned American taxpayer dollars to help fight poverty – in some other country.

Warren Buffet, who is now the richest man in the world, says that our nation is in a recession and it’s getting worse. Also, according to him, the price of gasoline is the result of supply and demand and not due to oil production speculation like so many of the "talking heads" are claiming. But what does he care? He has so much money, he can fill up his private jets and yachts and luxury vehicles and still leave a sizable tip and never miss the money.

The punks who are running the oil companies are laughing all the way to the bank. They’re personally making obscene amounts of money and posting record profits for their companies. In the meanwhile, the average American is being fleeced at the gas pumps. They’re being left with one of two alternatives: pay for gas and go to work so that come next week they can pay for gas and go to work, or pay their bills and buy food for their families.

Senator Obama is now asking democrat voters to make donations to Senator Clinton so that she can pay off her election campaign debts. Yeah right! I’m glad she didn’t get the nomination. If she was so foolish as to get that far into debt while just running for office, can you imagine what she would have done to the American National Debt if she’d won?

I’m sure that there are plenty of Americans who would love to have someone make donations to them so that they can pay their mortgage this month, but I don’t hear Senator Obama saying anything about that.

For this year, Congress will waste approximately $18.1 billion dollars on pork barrel spending… er… I mean that Congress will waste $18.1 billion in tax payer dollars on pork barrel spending.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have just recently donated $1 million to help Iraqi children. No big thing… there’s plenty more where that came from. Actually, again it was the American public who spent that money. The only reason Pitt and Jolie have it in the first place is because the American public continues to spend money to pay the ridiculously high prices at the box office.

Over the weekend, I saw a couple of infomercials that were geared at providing food, clothing, shelter, and the like to needy children. Those children however were somewhere else and not in the U.S.

The U.S. is currently spending about $10 billion dollars a month fighting a war in Iraq that we have no way of winning. The last I heard, the Iraqi’s are already producing oil. Why can’t they sell us some at a discount? After all, we helped them out when they needed it. Can’t they return the favor?

This nation is spending a hell of a lot of money, but none of it is making a difference right here at home!

We have folks who are losing their homes. Some of them will probably find themselves becoming homeless.

We have folks who are losing their jobs to downsizing and outsourcing of jobs to other countries. Some of those folks will also probably find themselves homeless.

We have senior citizens who have on-going medical issues. Even with Medicare, these folks are being hard pressed to afford their prescriptions. In the meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies are almost giving away medications to other nations, while they charge our own citizens full price. Some of those seniors are having to choose between paying for their medication or paying their rent. Some of those seniors, who choose to pay for their prescriptions so that they can deal with their health issues, may find themselves homeless.

This year, there will be approximately 3.5 million of our fellow citizens who will experience homelessness. Roughly 1.35 million of them will be children. About one-third of those children will be under the age of 5.

Approximately 400,000 American Veterans will find themselves experiencing homelessness this year. Some will be Veterans of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. A significant number of them will suffer the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of them will be maimed in some other fashion. They will nonetheless face the dishonor of calling the streets of our cities home. A sizable number of them will be forced to "sleep rough" – meaning that they will not have access to shelter of any kind.

One third of this nation’s homeless have mental health issues. They, too, will call the streets of our nation’s cities home. In many instances, their disabilities will go untreated – which could potentially exacerbate and worsen their disabilities.

I don’t mean to sound bitter. I’m not. I’m angry.

It’s time we put the brakes on the amounts of money we’re spending on things that are not making life better for all American’s – be they homeless or non-homeless.

It is time that we demand that our elected leaders begin behaving in a manner of good and responsible stewardship of this nation’s finances.

How dare us worry about feeding and clothing and housing everyone else in the world and ignore those who are a part of our national family?

You know what? Let the rest of the world worry about their own problems for a while. We have our hands full here at home.

  1. AnAmerican says:

    Too bad you aren’t running for office…you seem to “get” it while the current crowd who is spending our tax money doesn’t! Well said!

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