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A couple of mornings ago when I posted Guilty Consciences? I had the question in my mind if perhaps we avoid thinking about the homeless and potential solutions for helping them because it touches a nerve which reminds us that it wouldn’t take all that much to place us in the exact same situation. After all, not thinking about such unpleasant things is the path of least resistance.   (more…)


When I began this blog nearly 18 months ago, it was my hope that it might have an impact by providing folks with a different point of view regarding homelessness. I was under no illusions that it would have a giant effect at reducing homelessness; or that because of it homelessness was going to be a thing of the past.   (more…)

Willful Ignorance

Posted: August 27, 2008 in Children, Family, Homelessness, Morality

One of the news items I came across this past Monday was about Richard Cooey, an Ohio death row inmate, who is seeking clemency. His execution is scheduled for October 14th of this year. And, like most death row inmates, he is trying to find a way to avoid being executed.

He is using a novel approach in his attempt at getting a reprieve. He claims he’s too fat to be executed by lethal injection.   (more…)

I’ve been thinking about my post from yesterday.

I was pondering whether or not homeless support services (HSS) agencies were genuinely interested in ending homelessness, or were they simply going through the motions.   (more…)

I was talking with one of my dearest friends the other night. One of the things she and I generally don’t talk about is politics.

It isn’t that neither one of us isn’t interested in what our elected leaders are or aren’t doing. We are. However, our views regarding politics are so similar that anytime we have talked about it in the past, it has usually lasted all of five or ten minutes. Then we end up moving on to other things.   (more…)