Zach Bonner Arrives In Washington D.C.

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Children, Compassion, Homelessness, Housing

11-year old Zach Bonner arrived in Washington D.C. today, completing a 668-mile hike to raise awareness of child homelessness in the U.S.

In 2005, after hearing about the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, Zach wanted to do something to help those children who had been left homeless by the hurricane. That was the impetus for the birth of the Little Red Wagon Foundation.

Zach began his walk to the nation’s Capital this past May. Along the journey, Zach began collection letters from children – with the hopes of being able to personally deliver them to President Obama.

In 2006, Zach was awarded the Presidential Call to Service Award by President Bush.

Zach’s efforts were also noticed by the Office Depot Foundation.

According to an article on the Forbes website, the Office Depot Foundation announced that they would "… celebrate the successful conclusion of his journey from Tampa to Washington by donating 1,225 backpacks – one for every mile that the 11-year-old philanthropist has walked – to his Little Red Wagon Foundation."

True to form, Zach said of the donated backpacks:

"I am very grateful for the backpacks that are being donated by the Office Depot Foundation. It will enable me to help children in homeless youth programs and kids in Title 1 schools now and throughout the year."

I have to admit, there are times when I despair that not enough folks seem to care about helping our nation’s homeless. But, when I read about people like Zach, it nurtures a small seed of hope: a hope that believes that all of us have the potential to make a difference.

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