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In late May of 2008, I wrote a post called: Why Help The Homeless?

It was my attempt to answer one of the most frequent and common inquires this blog receives: "Why should we help the homeless?"

In the end, my answer was simply that we should help the homeless because it’s the right thing to do.

To be sure, my answer was an altruistic one. But, when all is said and done, showing basic compassion to our fellow human being – regardless of their social standing within the community – is the clearest sign of humane society.   (more…)

Late last week, I ended up with some sort of "stomach flu."

There was the nausea; the vomiting; fever and so forth. As you can imagine, I wasn’t feeling all that well.

The usual advice folks give under such circumstances is for the person to get plenty of rest and sleep – and, be sure to stay hydrated.

And, of course, because I wanted to get better as soon as possible, I followed the conventional wisdom.   (more…)

One of the primary reasons many local governments have been so unsuccessful at addressing and reducing homelessness within their communities is because politicians and bureaucrats seem to have a propensity for implementing knee-jerk legislative measures.

Rather than approaching the issue using just a bit of common sense and planning, what they’re hoping for is a "quick fix" – which is akin to "throwing stuff at the wall" hoping something will stick.

Consequently, all they end up succeeding at is going around and around and ultimately make matters all the worse.   (more…)

As I write this, San Luis Obispo’s (SLO) air quality is being adversely affected by two wild fires.

One, referred to as the Lockheed Fire, is near Santa Cruz in northern California.

The second, known as the La Brea Fire, is just outside of Santa Maria – some 30 miles to the south – and has been burning since last Saturday.   (more…)

On Saturday, the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) made pubic its latest report: Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA 2008.

In a press release, the NCH highlighted some of the findings in the report.

News media across the nation picked up on the NCH press release, with some of them running headlines stating the Florida ranked first in the number of hate crimes perpetrated against the homeless during 2008.   (more…)