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I don’t know who said it first – or when – but there is a phrase which states: "Never discuss religion or politics in polite company"

For the most part, I guess that’s pretty good advice because those are two topics which can create quite a ruckus even between the best of friends.

Yet, despite how good advice it may seem, I blog about homelessness. And religion and politics are often a part of the mix.

Case in point –   (more…)


In his book, The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote:

"Such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere."

In yesterday’s USA Today, I read an article about a Florida 12-year old named Zach Bonner.

The article caught my attention because I’ve published three previous posts about Zach; the first which was back in November of 2007.

Zach is pretty much your typical 12-year old – but with a slight difference. Homelessness is something which he has a very strong interest in.   (more…)

Like many other cities across the nation, Colorado Springs, CO., has seen an increase of "tent cities" within its city limits.

And, like many other cities, Colorado Springs is trying to find a way to address the issue.

Later today, they will be considering an ordinance which would prohibit "camping" on public property.   (more…)

I came across a wonderful post over at poverty attorney Jacqueline Dowd’s blog, the 13th juror a couple of days ago.

It was about a gentleman named James Burnett – who is also known as "Shakey."

For the last two decades, Mr. Burnett – who is 60 – has been volunteering at soup kitchens and serving food to the homeless. He has helped find sleeping bags for the homeless. He has mopped floors in church shelters and has cleaned up "soiled bathrooms."

According to the article in the St. Petersburg Times, Mr. Burnett’s efforts to help the area’s homeless have not gone unnoticed. And to honor his spirit of volunteerism, the city of Tarpon Springs, FL has officially named its cold night shelter: The James "Shakey" Burnett Cold Night Shelter.

Oh. Did I mention that Mr. Burnett is himself homeless?   (more…)