A homeless man in El Paso rescues American Flag during storm

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Compassion, Homeless Shelters, Homelessness, Hopes, Misconceptions, Morality

It isn’t too often that we think of persons experiencing homelessness are being a part of our community. Instead we view of them as being outcasts; fringe dwellers; people who "take" from society but never giving anything in return.

I came across this news video from KVUE-TV, just this morning.

It is a reminder that the nation’s homeless may not have a roof over their heads, but they are every bit as American as the rest of us.  


This story makes me wonder, how many of us would have taken the time during a storm to do what Mr. Bozarth did. Or would we have been in too much of a hurry to get indoors, out of the rain?

I think that Ms. Rebecca Orozco of METI Inc, said it best:

"You know – a homeless man, who has nothing at all; he still holds onto his flag; he still holds onto his hope of his country. And that, to me, says a million words."


Update – July 8, 2010

Fox News has done a follow-up story about Mr. Bozarth (Find it here).

Also, someone started a "Gustus Bozarth for President" page on Facebook – which, at the time of this update, already had more than 1400 fans.

  1. Rev. Cynthia says:

    Michael~ it has been my observation that having a sense of hope and purpose is critical, when going through the experience of homelessness or perhaps any of life’s potentially devastating challenges.

    Quite honestly, I’ve been so thoroughly discusted with both the domestic & foreign policies of the U.S. for so long, that I seriously doubt that I would have picked up that flag – it certainly no longer holds the same meaning that it had for me as a child.

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