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A person pushing a shopping cart. Or perhaps, someone who is standing outside a convenience store asking for spare change. Someone sleeping in a doorway or a public bench. Someone sitting or standing along the roadside or a corner holding a cardboard sign.

Most of us are familiar with these types of homeless individuals. And because their homelessness is overtly apparent, we may mistakenly believe that they represent the "typical" homeless person. That, in turn, blinds us to the reality that there is much more to homelessness than meets the eye.

Case in point…   (more…)


It isn’t too often that we think of persons experiencing homelessness are being a part of our community. Instead we view of them as being outcasts; fringe dwellers; people who "take" from society but never giving anything in return.

I came across this news video from KVUE-TV, just this morning.

It is a reminder that the nation’s homeless may not have a roof over their heads, but they are every bit as American as the rest of us.   (more…)

Yesterday morning, I received an e-mail from friend and fellow blogger Mark Horvath of

In short, he wrote:

"If you have a second can you write a few sentences as to why we (homeless people) should be on social media and/or blogging?"

I found the request intriguing for a number of reasons. And, as often is the case with me, it started an entire chain-reaction of thoughts racing through my mind.   (more…)

In mid-March of this year, I published a post titled: Wedding Bells in Brandon, Florida.

It was about Mark Neville and Nan Schrack, a couple in Florida who had been together for 14-years — and homeless for the last 5-years.

Due to Nan’s failing health, Mark wanted to obtain housing to care for her. In order to qualify for certain government services and subsidized housing as a couple however, they needed to be married. So, in an outdoor ceremony, they became husband and wife.   (more…)

I have two simple questions to ask.

Last night, when you crawled into bed, did you go to sleep hungry? Or did you have enough to eat throughout the day?   (more…)