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A little over a week ago, I read an article in the Sacramento Bee that made me feel both sad and happy at the same time.

It was about a Veteran who had battled alcoholism. It was about a man who had been homeless up until just recently. It was about new friendships having been built. And, it was about a family reunion.

The article told of 68 year-old Richard Nary who – as the article worded it – had "… burned all his bridges."   (more…)

I came across a wonderful post over at poverty attorney Jacqueline Dowd’s blog, the 13th juror a couple of days ago.

It was about a gentleman named James Burnett – who is also known as "Shakey."

For the last two decades, Mr. Burnett – who is 60 – has been volunteering at soup kitchens and serving food to the homeless. He has helped find sleeping bags for the homeless. He has mopped floors in church shelters and has cleaned up "soiled bathrooms."

According to the article in the St. Petersburg Times, Mr. Burnett’s efforts to help the area’s homeless have not gone unnoticed. And to honor his spirit of volunteerism, the city of Tarpon Springs, FL has officially named its cold night shelter: The James "Shakey" Burnett Cold Night Shelter.

Oh. Did I mention that Mr. Burnett is himself homeless?   (more…)

This past Friday, The Soloist opened in theatres across the country.

The film, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx, is based on a true story and recounts the meeting of Los Angeles Times writer Steve Lopez and musical virtuoso Nathanial Anthony Ayers.

While in his second year at Juilliard, Mr. Ayers developed schizophrenia and became homeless – eventually making his way to Los Angeles.   (more…)

I’ve noticed that over that last few months my posts have been a little "darker" than perhaps I would like them to be. Unfortunately, homelessness is a dark topic. I’m certain it’s not a topic which is talked about around the dinner table in most homes. Homelessness is nonetheless an actual reality for 3 million plus of our fellow citizens.   (more…)

About a week ago, I received an invitation to a "social" function – which was just a bunch of folks getting together and enjoying one another’s company. It had been a while since I’d done any personal socializing so I accepted the invitation. That gathering took place yesterday.

As I mentioned it’s been a while since I’ve done this type of socializing. There are a few reasons why. Mostly however it’s because I end up answering nothing but questions about this blog and homelessness during the entire ordeal – and that’s exactly what it becomes: an ordeal.   (more…)