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In mid-March of this year, I published a post titled: Wedding Bells in Brandon, Florida.

It was about Mark Neville and Nan Schrack, a couple in Florida who had been together for 14-years — and homeless for the last 5-years.

Due to Nan’s failing health, Mark wanted to obtain housing to care for her. In order to qualify for certain government services and subsidized housing as a couple however, they needed to be married. So, in an outdoor ceremony, they became husband and wife.   (more…)

A couple of days ago, I came across one of the most heartwarming news articles that I’ve read in a while.

The article, which appeared in the Brandon News & Tribune, was about a wedding at the First Presbyterian Church of Brandon.

In an outdoor ceremony, surround by some of their friends, Mark Neville and Nan Schrack officially became husband and wife after having been together for 14 years. The last five of those years, they’ve been homeless.   (more…)

On the website, the word "homeless" is defined in the following manner:


1. without a home: a homeless child.

2. the homeless, persons who lack permanent housing.

It’s interesting to note that nothing in the definition makes any allusions to a person’s moral character. If anything, the definition describes a socio-economic condition and nothing more. Yet, there are those who are convinced that a person who is homeless is somehow of a less "reputable character" than someone who isn’t homeless. In fact, there are even those who view the homeless as being of a criminal ilk.   (more…)

Over the past week, the news has been covering the extreme cold temperatures that have gripped large parts of the nation.

Even in traditionally warmer climates like Florida, they have been experiencing sub-freezing temperatures. Some farmers in that state are concerned (and rightly so) that their crops may be adversely affected – or that they may lose them altogether.

The frigid temperatures, however, may take their biggest toll in human lives – especially among the homeless.   (more…)

Folks find their way here, to this blog, via a wide range of methods: search engines, referring links, bookmarks, RSS feeds, and etcetera.

I view it an honor and privilege when folks take the time to read anything I’ve written. But, it pleases me when someone uses the search widget in the side column because it indicates that they have a further interest in finding out a little bit more about homeless, or because they have a specific question they are seeking an answer to.

Yesterday, one person searched the site using the question: "Where do the homeless bathe?"

That is actually quite an astute question – one which deserves an answer.   (more…)