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Last night, I spent time reading through a number of news articles about homeless shelters and other charitable organizations which offered some type of Thanksgiving meals to the homeless and other "needy" folk.

As is usual with these types of holiday meals, there were ample volunteers on hand to help.

It’s not at all surprising. After all, this is the season of "good will toward all men."

But it’s not just regular folk who volunteered.   (more…)


This is an "interesting" time of year for me where this blog is concerned.

Halloween is behind us. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And Christmas is not too far behind.

It’s also the time of year when I seem to get quite a bit of "extra" email in my inbox.   (more…)

One of the biggest challenges faced by any community when addressing homelessness is where to locate homeless support services organizations and agencies.

While, some may feel sympathetic to the homeless and agree there is a need to help them, no one seems to be willing to have the facilities placed in their neighborhoods.

Reasons range far and wide for folks being opposed to the building or expanding of homeless services facilities. However, it all comes down to the perception of how it will impact the surrounding area.   (more…)

Despite evidence to the contrary, many folks still believe that the majority of homeless are drunkards; drug addicts; derelicts; psychologically disturbed; or just too lazy to work.

Those are the typical stereotypes.

The truth is those homeless who fit that description represent a minority of the overall homeless population.

In reality, the typical face of homelessness is comprised of vast diversity of people from all walks of life.   (more…)

Excerpted from: Criminalizing Homelessness Is Not A Solution – Part I

Nashua, New Hampshire; Gainesville, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; St. Petersburg, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

What do these cities have in common?

… the practice of penalizing the homeless – or those who offer the homeless assistance – and, in essence, criminalize homelessness.

While, it’s true that many cities across the nation use legislative and punitive measures as a way of "dealing" with local homeless populations, the five cities listed above are the ones which caught my eye.

Here’s why…

For about five years, members of the Green Valley Christian Center (GVCC) in Las Vegas, Nevada, have been handing out food to the homeless in their city.   (more…)