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Yes. You read the title correctly.

Candidates vying for the office of Mayor in St. Petersburg, as part of their campaign promises, are telling potential voters that they will violate the First Amendment protected rights of certain citizens: specifically those of homeless persons who panhandle.   (more…)

Earlier this month, the Miami Herald ran an article regarding claims made by a homeless "advocacy group" asserting that Miami-Dade County residents shelled out some $40 million dollars to panhandlers.

I have to admit, when I read the claims made by the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust (the so-called advocacy group) I snorted in disbelief. In fact, I pretty much dismissed it as "government propaganda."   (more…)

In my previous post I outlined why I personally defend a homeless person’s right to panhandle.

I realize that there are those who will disagree with what I wrote. But, that’s fine. They are entitled to their opinions – just as I’m entitled to mine.

They’ll make an allusion that giving to panhandlers doesn’t really help them; so, folks should give to their local area homeless organizations instead. The premise is that the money will do the most good with those agencies – a belief which is somewhat of an incorrect assumption. Let’s face it: traditional homeless support services agencies don’t have a good track record of actually reducing homelessness – the proof of which is quite evident since the numbers of homeless have continued to rise steadily despite all their efforts.   (more…)

I received an email from a woman named Francine a couple of days ago. Her inquiry was about panhandling and what I felt were things she could give that would be beneficial.

Her email caught me a bit off guard. But it was a pleasant change of pace.

Generally, when I’ve written about panhandling, I’ve invariably been sent emails chiding me for my point of view – especially since, unlike many people, I personally don’t see anything wrong with folks giving a homeless person alms. In fact, I have a tendency to defend a homeless person’s right to panhandle.   (more…)

Panhandling by the homeless is a touchy topic to broach. Perhaps more than anything else, it is the one activity that the homeless engage in which "pushes people’s buttons." And, there is a wide division of opinions regarding it: how it should be handled; whether is should be allowed (or tolerated); how to go about preventing; what to do if you’re asked for spare change; should you give money to panhandlers; should you never give money to panhandlers; etcetera.   (more…)