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One of the realities that every homeless person faces is a potential encounter with local law enforcement.

There are numerous reasons why these types of encounters occur. And, to be sure, there are those homeless who do bring it upon themselves.

Then there are those times when these "run-ins" with the law happen because local law enforcement officials behave in an overly zealous manner. Unfortunately, these latter types seldom end on a good note and either come close to being – or actually are – nothing less than police harassment.   (more…)

Excerpted from: Criminalizing Homelessness Is Not A Solution – Part I

Nashua, New Hampshire; Gainesville, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; St. Petersburg, Florida; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

What do these cities have in common?

… the practice of penalizing the homeless – or those who offer the homeless assistance – and, in essence, criminalize homelessness.

While, it’s true that many cities across the nation use legislative and punitive measures as a way of "dealing" with local homeless populations, the five cities listed above are the ones which caught my eye.

Here’s why…

For about five years, members of the Green Valley Christian Center (GVCC) in Las Vegas, Nevada, have been handing out food to the homeless in their city.   (more…)

Nashua, NH; Gainesville, FL; Las Vegas, NV; St. Petersburg, FL; Myrtle Beach, SC.

What do these cities have in common?

For starters, they all have a visible homeless population.   (more…)

Late yesterday afternoon, as I passed one of the post office branches, I noticed a line of cars – all of which were waiting to turn in.

That seemed odd to me. I don’t recall ever having seen that many cars all trying to get into their parking lot all at once. Then it hit me. April 15th. Tax filing deadline. All of those folks had waited until the very last minute to mail their returns. Now they were scurrying to make sure that their returns were post-marked by midnight.

They weren’t the only ones scurrying about to meet a deadline.   (more…)

Yesterday, I came across two articles about homelessness. Both ended with outcomes which were diametrically different.

One was uplifting; the second was disgusting in the extreme. One showed humanity at its best; the other, human nature at its worst. One showed the kindness of a private citizen; the other, actions by local law enforcement that were beyond mere police harassment – it was nothing short of police brutality.   (more…)