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On more than one occasion I’ve stated that homelessness is a community issue.

There are some similarities regarding the types of services offered by many cities to their area homeless. Generally, these services do not come from the local governments themselves. Most often they are provided by one or more privately run organizations. However, since they rely heavily on donations from members of the community, there is a lack of funding to provide more than just the most basic of services: a meal and a bed.   (more…)


Two days ago I spoke with one of SLO’s local journalists.

He’d contacted me to ask if I knew about local law enforcement’s practice of "rousting" homeless encampments and the confiscation or destruction of their personal property. Although I told him what little I knew of the situation, I’m not sure I was able to be of much help.   (more…)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with SLO County, let me tell you about one of our small towns: Morro Bay, California.

A small coastal town, Morro Bay is best known for Morro Rock – which is not really a rock but rather a volcanic plug. With a population of just over 10,000, it is one of the tourist destinations in this county.   (more…)

A friend of mine and I met today at an Internet cafe to do some catching up.

After buying our coffee we decided to sit at one of the tables outside. Not long into our conversation I noticed a homeless gentleman that I’ve seen numerous times. He looked pretty much the way he always does. He was walking along with his backpack slung over his shoulders. Then he stopped, set down his backpack against the wall of one of the buildings and sat down beside it, trying to stay out of everyone’s way.   (more…)

Yesterday afternoon just shortly after 1:00 PM the majority of the homeless makeshift "camps" here in San Luis Obispo received visitors.

No, the visits weren’t from the organizations or agencies that are supposed to the help the homeless. Neither were the visits from philanthropic organizations who thought to seek enough data to put together a genuine plan to restore the homeless back into society and thus reducing the numbers of homeless on the streets.

The visits were from the "authorities." (more…)