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If Miami City Commission Chairman Marc Sarnoff has his way, it may soon be illegal for regular citizens to feed the homeless. Violators will be fined and perhaps even face jail time.

Chairman Sarnoff has already drafted an ordinance and plans to introduce it to the city’s commission next month.

According to an article in the Miami Herald, the ordinance, if adopted, would prohibit Miami citizens from feeding the homeless unless they’ve attended a "food safety course" and conduct the feedings only in locations specifically designated by the city. Those folks would also have to bring along porta-potties and sinks.   (more…)

Imagine yourself as a member of a church and being told by local government that you aren’t allowed to do good works in accordance to your faith.

That’s exactly what has happened in Phoenix, AZ.

Since January 2009, the CrossRoads United Methodist Church has been holding a Saturday morning breakfast. However, due to complaints from some of the church’s "neighbors," city officials have ordered the church to cease holding the weekly event – saying that it violates local zoning ordinances which prohibit "charity dining halls" from operating in residential areas.   (more…)

I don’t know who said it first – or when – but there is a phrase which states: "Never discuss religion or politics in polite company"

For the most part, I guess that’s pretty good advice because those are two topics which can create quite a ruckus even between the best of friends.

Yet, despite how good advice it may seem, I blog about homelessness. And religion and politics are often a part of the mix.

Case in point –   (more…)

One of the biggest challenges faced by any community when addressing homelessness is where to locate homeless support services organizations and agencies.

While, some may feel sympathetic to the homeless and agree there is a need to help them, no one seems to be willing to have the facilities placed in their neighborhoods.

Reasons range far and wide for folks being opposed to the building or expanding of homeless services facilities. However, it all comes down to the perception of how it will impact the surrounding area.   (more…)

Yesterday, I had some medical needs to attend to. The problem with it all is that it took up almost all of my day. And then of course, there was all of the waiting in between procedures. During those "waiting" times I did quite a bit of thinking – a type of taking stock of things.   (more…)