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Panhandling by the homeless is a touchy topic to broach. Perhaps more than anything else, it is the one activity that the homeless engage in which "pushes people’s buttons." And, there is a wide division of opinions regarding it: how it should be handled; whether is should be allowed (or tolerated); how to go about preventing; what to do if you’re asked for spare change; should you give money to panhandlers; should you never give money to panhandlers; etcetera.   (more…)


More than once, on this blog, I’ve mentioned that I am basically a simple soul. As such I intensely dislike it when someone contrives to complicate things just to make themselves seem "deep."

Moreover, I am not a person who likes to engage in certain types of discussions. For example – I’m not all that concerned about the "purpose of life" or trying to discover the "hidden meanings or mysteries of life." As far as I’m concerned those are questions best left to philosophers and theologians – something which I am not.   (more…)

This past weekend I published a post called, Aid And Respect, in which I wrote about the lack of respect and dignity with which the homeless are treated by the majority of the mainstream community. I also mentioned that a homeless person’s self-esteem takes a severe beating because of the way they are generally treated by most within the community.   (more…)

Yesterday evening, while checking my RSS news feeds, I came across an article, Event today aims to give homeless aid, respect, on the Arizona Daily Star website.

What caught my eye about the article straightaway was the headline: in particular the word "respect."   (more…)

Yesterday I received an email from a Colleen P.

She mentioned that she has stumbled on the blog a few weeks back when she "Googled" the phrase: "what impact does homelessness have on people."   (more…)