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Someone, who is less than neatly dressed, pushing a shopping cart laden with all of their worldly possessions; a person trudging along the sidewalk beneath the weight of an overstuffed backpack; someone who is asking for spare change or perhaps standing on a corner holding a cardboard sign.

It’s the appearance that gives them away. And, based on visual clues, these are the types of persons most of us recognize as being our nations’ homeless.

However, because these individuals are those we visually "recognize" as being homeless, we fail to realize that homelessness isn’t always clearly apparent. Sometimes, homelessness is occurring right under our noses, completely unnoticed.   (more…)


Yesterday morning, I received an e-mail from friend and fellow blogger Mark Horvath of

In short, he wrote:

"If you have a second can you write a few sentences as to why we (homeless people) should be on social media and/or blogging?"

I found the request intriguing for a number of reasons. And, as often is the case with me, it started an entire chain-reaction of thoughts racing through my mind.   (more…)

Prejudice toward and hatred of the homeless isn’t new. It exists in every community across the nation.

Whenever homeless support services (HSS) agencies or local governments propose, either creating new services or expanding existing services, invariably there are those within the community who voice strong opposition. That opposition takes on many forms: protests, angry discourse at city council meetings, fear-mongering, letters to the editor of local newspapers, and etcetera.   (more…)

A homeless man died on New York City streets last Sunday after he had been stabbed while coming to the aid of a woman who was being attacked by a currently unidentified assailant.

What makes the death of Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax so tragic was the callousness and indifference of passers-by.   (more…)

"VA is committed to ending the cycle of homelessness among Veterans. We will use every tool at our disposal – health care, education, jobs, safe housing – to ensure our Veterans are restored to lives with dignity, purpose and safety."
– Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs –

On Friday, the Texas Insider reported that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs was "… allocating $39 million to fund about 2,200 new transitional housing beds through grants to local providers" as part of its efforts to end homelessness among Veterans within five years.   (more…)