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On Saturday morning, in his weekly radio address, President Obama urged all Americans to remember and honor our nation’s Veterans.

Although Memorial Day is primarily a day for remembrance of our nation’s servicemen and women who have died in the course of their service – we mustn’t forget those who have served and are still with us.   (more…)

Today is the big day: the Inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

It seems that no expense has been spared on the ceremonies and celebrations. And, although it will undoubtedly be a day of history in the making, I question if the actual cost is fiscally responsible. Even more, I question if it is morally responsible.   (more…)

American politics is full of all manner of traditions. Some are innocuous enough – such as the use of political titles and so on. Then there are those which appear harmless, but in the end cost the U.S. taxpayer.

Come Tuesday of next week, President Elect Obama will be engaging in the political tradition of being sworn in as President of the United States of America.   (more…)

It’s the last day of 2008 – and I’m willing to bet that, despite a tight economic situation for many Americans, there is still going to be quite a bit of celebrating going on. When "the" moment arrives, there will be smiles; laughter; cheers; handshakes; pats on the back; well wishes; hugs and kisses; and perhaps a verse or two of Auld Lang Syne.   (more…)

I’m wondering if someone has been editing Santa’s "Naughty and Nice" list behind his back.

From what I’ve been reading in the headlines, it seems that folks who should be on the "naughty" list are going to end up having a profitable Christmas. Among them are executives from a number of the banks which have already received some of the $700 billion bail out.   (more…)