The “Stuck On Stupid” Awards

In July 2008, I published a post about an article I’d read in the Philadelphia Inquirer. It was about a proposed conversion of an vacant convent into 12 affordable effeciency units for the homeless.

The project had support from most of the folks in the area, but was ultimately scraped when a handful of neighbors opposed it. The manner in which the project was abandoned was – in my opinion – the epitome of "Stuck On Stupid". As a I wrote in that post:

“Congratulations to the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment and to those ‘possibly 10’ people who opposed the Germantown project.

You’ve been awarded the 1st ever SLO Homeless Stuck On Stupid Award.

Wear it in shame.”

Since then, I’ve bestowed the dishonor on a number of other occasions. Below are links to those posts.


Defining Stupid

Below is a screenshot from showing The American Heritage Dictionary’s definition of the word “stupid.”


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