In Memory Of Sharon

Posted: February 14, 2008 in Compassion, Homelessness, Misconceptions, Morality, Stereotypes

On Tuesday of this week, the SLO Tribune ran an article titled: “Sex Offender Accused Of 2005 SLO Killing.”

The article was about the murder of Sharon Ostman, a homeless woman, whose body had been found on the morning of 11 July, 2005 in San Luis Obispo Creek near the Mission San Luis Obispo. The story went on to say that Freddie Joe Lewis, a convicted sex offender, had been charged with her murder and would be arraigned later in the week.  

To many, her death might not seem important since, after all, she was just another homeless person. However, to those who had been blessed to know her – homeless and non-homeless alike – she was a kind, generous and inspiring aspect of their lives.

I never had the opportunity to have met her. Her death happened before I became one of this community’s homeless. But I recall having read about her in the weeks and months after her death.

Rather than my just going on, I’ve assembled a set of links that can better share her life with you than I could say. Please take the time to read them. In doing so, not only will you honor her life, but your own as well.

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A Homeless Woman’s Last Gift
By Stacey Warde

Sharon Ostman: Killed in San Luis Obispo in 2005
(SLO Tribune – 12 February, 2008)

A Letter to the Community Homeless Neighbors in Need
(Hopedance – 21 August, 2009)

Police arrest man under suspicion of 2005 Ostman killing
(SLO New Times – 13 February, 2008)

Murdered Homeless Woman Found In Creek
(SLO New Times – 14 July, 2005)

Dead End
(SLO New Times – 15 December 2005)

Stories On Sharon Ostman (PDF Format)

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Sharon Ostman may have been homeless, but she was loved by those who knew her.

  1. tami ostman donnelson says:

    thank you for remembering my Aunt Sharon

  2. Tami Donnelson says:

    thank you
    Tami Ostman donnelson

  3. Tami Donnelson says:

    I am sad that these links do notbwork anymore. Sharon was my favorite Aunt.

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